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How to Get Inspired with the AI Lyrics Generator

First, select the topic of the song you would like to write. Next, select the genre of the song you're writing; for example rap, country, or pop. Then hit generate and watch the lyrics come to life!

How does AI write lyrics?

The Freshbots AI lyric generator uses a large language model (similar to the model powering ChatGPT) fine-tuned on a dataset of lyrics in each genre we offer as an option. While training models such as ChatGPT can learn from patterns in all the lyrics on the internet (thanks to lyrics website there is a lot of data).

The Freshbots AI model is designed to capture the specific nuances of each genre and use them to generate lyrics. This allows the AI to create more musically complex lyrics that are can pass the test of the human ear. After fine tuning, the AI can generate lyrics that not only contain the right words but also the right rhythms and structure.

Are the lyrics unique?

The generated lyrics are almost always unique and can be used in your music! However, some of the generated lyrics may be similar to existing lyrics due to the models being trained on lyrics from the internet. To ensure that the lyrics are unique, make sure you compare the generated lyrics with existing lyrics and modify them as necessary.

To check if the generated lyrics are unique you can use Google by searching for lines from the generated lyrics. If there are no search results then it should be pretty safe to assume that the lyrics are unique.

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